Joint Technical Committee Meeting

January 8 - 12, 2017 • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Social Events and Companion Activities

Monday evening's Welcome Reception, featuring a full buffet dinner and cash bar, will begin at 6:00pm in the Bissonet and Carondelet Rooms on the 3rd Floor of the New Orleans Marriott.

In addition, please note that the 2017 IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting has been selected as the preferred venue for the presentation of the 2017 IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award, an IEEE Technical Field Awards presented to individuals for outstanding contributions to electric transmission and distribution. This year, George Dorwart Rockefeller receives this award, with the following citation - "For pioneering development and practical demonstration of protective relaying of electric power systems with real-time digital computer techniques."

Please join us on Monday evening to congratulate IEEE Region 1 Life Fellow and award recipient, Mr. Rockefeller, on this prestigious award.


Sponsored by the Robert and Ruth Halperin Foundation, in memory of Herman and Edna Halperin, and the IEEE Power & Energy Society


For pioneering development and practical demonstration of protective relaying of electric power systems with real-time digital computer techniques

George Dorwart Rockefeller’s prescient work on how to use computers to provide real-time analysis of voltages and currents for fault detection laid the foundation for today’s digital protection, control, and monitoring of the electric power grid. Known as “the father of digital protection,” Rockefeller invented the concept of on-line, real-time protective relaying of electric power systems in 1967 while with Westinghouse Electric Corporation—well before the advent of microprocessors made it a cost-effective reality. His development of the Prodar 70 digital relay, installed in a California transmission substation in 1971 by Westinghouse and Pacific Gas and Electric, transformed protective relaying of power systems and set the standards for modern microprocessor relay products. Rockefeller’s contributions inspired the industry to look at protection and control in a completely new, and smarter, way.

An IEEE Life Fellow, Rockefeller is retired and works as an engineering consultant, New York, NY, USA.

Some attendees may have brought families. Please remember that the dinner and refreshments during the meeting are for registered attendees and registered companions only. The Companions' Breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is for registered companions only. In order to ensure our catering arrangements, we will be enforcing strictly the need for all attendees at the Monday evening dinner to wear their registration badges. For this meeting, a staff member will be available until 7:00 pm to hand out registration badges to pre-registered guests, who arrive just before or during the reception.

Due to the multi-level nature of the meeting space, there will be two break locations - the Balcony Foyer on the Fourth Floor, and adjacent to Preservation Hall on the Second Floor.

Also, we ask companions to be sure to wear their registration badges at the Companions' Breakfasts, 8:00-10:00am, on Monday in Galerie 4 on the Second Floor, and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, at the Napoleon Room, located on the 41st Floor in the River Tower. This helps to ensure that our catering arrangements are appropriate. The registration desk will be open at 7:00 am on Tuesday for badges to be available to those arriving too late on Monday to register.

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