Joint Technical Committee Meeting

January 8 - 12, 2012 • Garden Grove (Anaheim), California, USA

AV Package

Upon request only: Scheduled meetings, who request such, will be equipped with an "AV package" that includes a cart or projector stand, power cord, and screen.

Regarding LCD Projectors: Based on feedback from your Committee leaders, PES has tried to keep the registration fee for this meeting as low as possible. Thus, LCD projectors will not be part of the meeting package.

However, If you are able to bring LCD projector to the meeting for a minimum of 2 days and are willing to put it into a pool for use by your selected committee, you may be eligible for a full registration waiver (both IEEE members and non-members). Before you register, please contact

Charlie Henville at c.henville@ieee.org with a copy to info@pestechnical.org and please specify your main committee and what 2 full days you are willing to pool your LCD projector. You will then be given a unique access code to use when you register. Opportunities are limited to about the first 20 volunteers depending on your selected committee and which 2 days you commit to allowing your LCD projector to be pooled.

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